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The Rambling Inn

Mobile Bar and Event Solutions


Make your wedding the showstopper event of the season. Wedding receptions can become mundane for the guests with the same services being experienced repeatedly. The Rambling Inn, Mobile Irish Pub pledges to make your special day truly unique, providing a friendly professional  efficient bar service wrapped up in an experience that is undeniably Irish from the walls of our Traditional Irish pub. We have many different traditional and alternative receptions choices to suit all tastes and budgets. The Rambling Inn can be the central part of the event or it can also be an unforgettable addition to an existing bar service. We can’t wait to help you plan and be a part of your most special day


The Rambling Inn, Mobile Irish Pub will bring novelty and excitement to all outdoor events, we provide a full bar service & are happy to attend a wide range of events! To discuss the options available contact us via the web or fill out an enquiries form. 

Trade Shows & Branding

Our mobile bar lets you achieve excellent brand visibility as part of your sponsorship activation at events and build a unique experiential event solution to engage with your core demographic. For suppliers we are able to adapt The Rambling Inn to pour your products. We can also transform the The Rambling Inn through 14 Point of Sale opportunities, including the Title signage.

We can co-ordinate and execute a strategic Brand campaign in multiple locations to help launch or create unique band awareness with an unmatched consumer experience.

Wedding Picture Celebration
The Rambling Inn Gala
Trade Shows, Custom Branding

A Whisk(e)y Experience

Whether you’re a scotch connoisseur, a bourbon enthusiast, or an Irish whiskey novice what better way to experience the hallowed history of your favorite brands. Enjoy the stories echoing from a time of pirates, bootleggers, poitin stills, nepotism and ruthless takeovers from within the walls of The Rambling Inn, mobile Irish bar. 

Our team can make arrangements  for corporate team building exercises and retreats in addition to private experience events. The Rambling Inn allows you to experience your favorite whiskeys in a traditional pub setting in locations that you never though imaginable.

Red Breast 21 Irish Whiskey Tasting
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