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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is The Rambling Inn?

The Rambling Inn is a mobile Irish pub that allows guests to walk in and feel like they just walked into a pub in Ireland.  The pub can fit close to 30 guests

What is included in the base rental?

Our base rental includes the walk in pub with a 4 beer tap system (one is Guinness), gas for the taps, two bartenders, all insurances, and 4 hours of service for up to 100 guests

How many guests can the pub serve, is 30 the most?

30 is the number of guests that can fit in the pub at one time, but we have the ability accommodate events with 1-1000+ people.

Can the pub be rented for more than 4 hours?

Our base rental of 4 hours can be extended up to 6 hours.  For events such as trade shows or corporate events, where guest turn over will be quicker, we can serve for longer

How far will you travel with the pub?

Travel 40 miles from North Haven, CT is included with base rental.  After 40 miles, there is a $2.25 charge per mile.  Events more than 150 miles or 2.5 hours from North Haven or ending after 2 am will incur room and board charges for our bartenders

Will you travel outside of Connectiuct for an event?

Yes, we can travel outside of Connecticut for any event.  We can only provide our base rental package for events outside of Connecticut.  All bevergages will be provided by you.  Mileage charges of $2.25 per mile over 40 will be charged

What is the cost to include alcohol with base rental?

We offer bar packages from $10-$50 per person.  Each of our offerings are taliored to fit your event and budget.  Contact us to discuss options.  

Do you provide mixers, cups, napkins and ice?

With one of our bar pakeges everything we need to serve your guests is included.  We show up and all you have to do is enjoy a drink

Do your bar packeges included food?

Our bar packeges include small bites for your guests to enjoy at last call.  We also have catering options to provide food for your entire event. 

Do you offer an personaliziton for my event?

Yes, we can provided cups and napkins with any design you may have, or we can create a design. The pub name can also rebranded for your event

What if my final guest count includes children and non drinkers?

We work off the same numbers as the caterer for guest count.  We provide water soda and juice, and can add non alcoholic beer/liquor to any package

Does the gound where I plan to locate  the pub need to be level?

Our pub is equipped with a self-levelng system that can correct for slightly uneven ground.  Areas with very uneven land should be avoided.

Can you park the pub on my lawn?

Yes, we can park the pub on  your law, but we always like to sugget a backup location.  If you event is after a heavy rain the potienal to damge your laawn is greatly increased during installation

What are the dimensions of The Rambling Inn?

In the closed/travel postion the Rambling Inn is 27ft long x 8ft 6in wide x 11ft high. Fully opened the pub is 29ft long x 15ft wide x 10ft high.  The opened width can be adjusted to 14ft if needed.

What do I need to provide for the pub?

We require one 15 amp outlet within 150 ft of the pub.  If elctricity is not availible we can provide a generator for additonal cost

What happens if it rains the day of my event?

If it rains, we don't charge extra for the Irish weather.   If you wish to postpone your event, we will work with accomadate your new date.

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