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Every good idea starts with a pint, a pen and a napkin.
The Rambling Inn Idea Napkin
The Rambling Inn Perfect Guinness

When Irish & Scotch Whisk(e)y brands searched for an industry historian to consult and breathe life into their brand's history they looked no further than Damian Cashman. Damian’s knowledge and passion for fine spirits, developed over 25 years of owning and operating Irish Pubs on both sides of the Atlantic made him the perfect emissary to walk eager consumers through the malt filled hallways of time honored whiskey traditions.


​While travelling the US as an Irish whiskey ambassador, Damian found that many of the towns he visited were without the charm of an Irish pub. While understanding that it was not feasible to build an Irish pub in every corner of the states, perhaps the Irish Pub experiences could still be introduced on a mobile format, thus giving rise to The Rambling Inn.


​Damian brought this vision to his good friend Troy Stuckey . Like all great plans they drew it out the concept out on a napkin over a few pints of Guinness and contemplated how the idea could be brought to life. Troy and Damian worked tirelessly to build their vision from the bare bones of what was once a fifth wheel RV trailer into a full walk in mobile pub that resembled the pubs of Damian's youth growing up in Tipperary, Ireland.


During the extensive build it became clear that the heart of an Irish Pub is so much more than the four walls, a wooden bar, and a brogue. It is a home away from home, a revered public house to celebrate life's most important occasions, or a haven to visit for no particular reason at all. It is the people, the community, the shared laugh and stories. An Irish Pub is a truly unique destination filled with “craic” and banter that can only be found in the company of friends. There are no strangers onboard the Rambling Inn, only friends you haven’t yet met.


​Whether your next event is on the top of the Rocky Mountains or at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, give your guests a truly unique experience with a little rambling piece of Ireland. 

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