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Every good idea start with a pint, a pen and a napkin
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The Irish Pub is an integral pillar of every Irish community serving as an unofficial confessional, a familiar living room, a community center, and a source of news in times before texting and social media changed the way we communicated. 

When many of the Irish & Scotch brands searched for a whiskey historian and consultant to breathe life into their brand's history, Damian Cashman's knowledge and passion for fine spirits, developed over 22 years of owning and operating Irish Pubs on both sides of the wild Atlantic, made him the perfect ambassador to walk eager consumers through the hallway of time honored traditions and unparalleled heritage.

Through his whiskey travels, Damian found that many places were without the grace and charm of and Irish pub. While understanding that it was not feasible to build an Irish pub in every corner of the world, perhaps bringing the enchantment of Irish traditions, echoing the memories of growing up in Tipperary, Ireland, could still be done on a mobile basis, thus giving rise to The Rambling Inn.

Damian brought the vision to Troy Stuckey, and like so many great ideas before them, they drew it out on a napkin over a pint while contemplating how the idea could be brought to life. While Troy and Damian worked tirelessly to build their vision, from the chassis of what was once a fifth wheel RV trailer, it became clear that the heart of an Irish Pub is so much more than the four walls, a wooden bar, and a brogue. It is a home away from home, a revered public house to celebrate life's most important occasions, or a haven to visit for no particular reason at all. It is the people, the community, the shared laughed, and a destination that can fill a void that, for a moment, may need to be filled with the craic and banter that can only be found in an Irish Pub.

Whether your next event is on the top of the Rocky Mountains or the bottom of the Grand Canyon, complete your event with great craic, the worlds favorite whiskeys, some Shepard's pie, a pint of the black stuff, and a little rambling piece of Ireland. 

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